Leader of blister packaging in China Since 2003. Dongguan Jiamu Packing Materials Co., Ltd. delivers OEM custom blister packaging and clear plastic box solutions service and important worth with unexampled turnaround times, competitive value levels, and superior quality to customers everywhere in the world. We tend to invest heavily infrastructure, tools, coaching and our dedicated staff United Nations agency genuinely care regarding the product and also the people that use them. Adopting a value-based positioning strategy, our brands like Jiamu have continuously been legendary for this his or her high cost-performance quantitative relation offerings, currently, we tend to increase international markets and with confidence bring our brands to the world.


Jiamu blister packaging box supplier provides tangible or intangible product. A tangible product is a physical object that can be perceived by touch such as a PET folding box, a waxmelt clamshell or a plastic mini apples tube packaging box. An intangible product is a product that can only be perceived indirectly such as our product design service, our custom printing service, our quality inspection service and so on. There are a variety of choices in the appearance and material in Jiamu Packing. We have standardized products, and customers are welcome to customize their products with their own ideas. If you don't know which package is most suitable for your product, our sales and designer team will supply a range of solutions based on your product characteristics and the market of your product.


Jiamu clear plastic box supplier offers A to Z one-stop OEM packaging services, with your to be packed item in hand or design draft or detailed word require, we will suggest and help you to choose the most suitable materials, to try the optimal package shape styles and then decide, to adopt best machine for your product printing. 

Jiamu Packing can customize the blister packaging at size, shape, logo, color, printing and so on.


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Established in 2003, Dongguan Jiamu Packing Materials Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer & direct supplier of plastic packaging for years. Our factory is located in Dongguan where is near Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hongkong. We mainly help design and produce plastic packaging for different products, such as vacuum thermoforming blister packaging, plastic folding box, plastic tube packaging, clear plastic box and so on. PVC, PET, PP, PS is the usual materials we use. Now, we also supply biodegradable material made plastic packaging box. If you have any particular requirement, get a appropriation packaging solution from Jiamu Packing. Because we specialize OEM custom packaging solutions service for plastic packaging, that appropriate a good vary of products and industries, from food, toy, cosmetics, to natural philosophy, etc. 


The company was supported with the target to provide the the most effective sight attracting, superior quality, cost-effectively packaging that is going to help customers maximize profits, bring products to market, and cut off waste to our planet.


Welcome to Jiamupacking,as an ISO accredited factory with professional team and experienced workers.You will get perfect packaging solution and service from us.



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In this module, you can learn about the latest news of Jiamu Packing, such as new product releasing, customer visiting, product printing, exhibition activities and so on. You can also learn about the production process of blister packaging & plastic cylinder packaging box & clear plastic box, the latest developments in plastic packaging materials, how to identify the material of plastic packaging, and some factors that needed care when transporting plastic packaging. In addition, there is a global update of the global packaging industry. Subscribe to Jiamu packaging to learn about the latest developments in plastic packaging.


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