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2013 Packaging fair in HK

    On September 5, 2013, Dongguan Jiamu Packing Materials Co., Ltd. participated in Hong Kong Asia Fruit Logistica and traded a small order. Kim is one of our British clients at the fair. He is tall and very kindly.

    My name is lindesy, this is my third year of working in Jiamu Packing. And It is also my second time to attend the Kong Asia Fruit Logistica. This time, unlike usual, we didn't have a booth, so we can only stand on the exhibition and search for our target customers. At about 16:20 in the afternoon, Kim appeared. As a result of the efforts of the morning, I got very tired, it is Kim lets me cheer up. I tried to talk to Kim and said, hello, excuse sir, can you give me a few minutes? maybe I have something you're looking for. Kim didn't refuse me, and although I knew I wasn't enthusiastic enough to say hello, I tried it bravely. Kim and I talked and I showed him our catalogue. He looked very carefully. Then we talked about some details about plastic packaging material. I learned that he was looking for a FDA certified blister tray for fresh fruit and meat. It happened that our company did FDA certification, and this time I also brought some blister tray. Although after confirmation, the size and thickness of the blister tray we brought was not what Kim wanted, But Kim decided to give us a chance to order a food-grade blister tray for packing fresh fruit and meat and said that he want to get the sample in one week. I am glad that Kim chose Jiamu Packing and said to Kim that we will send the samples to his company within a week.

    Then Kim placed an order for 20, 000 blister fresh fruit and meat trays. Now we're still in touch, and every time Kim comes in, a bunch of orders come down. At present Kim's business is getting better, more and more food packaging is need, he often come to Jiamu Packing and buy various style plastic packaging.Thank you Kim.

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