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2015 Customer's visiting

    Last week, we invited American customer who had been working together for one year to visit our factory after email communicationan.Through this way, Jiamu Packing can better show customers more comprehensive and intuitive company information.

    On April 17, our American customer decided to visit Jiamu Packing company and factory with the main visit purpose of discussing delivery and quality control matters of the following large order  for plastic shoe box storage box packaging. Through a number of communications, the customer has a deeper and better understanding of our company. After this meeting, the technical and quality of our products, price advantages, order delivery time, service aspects have been recognized by customers. Customers said they would sign a long-term order contract with Jiamu Packaging for plastic shoe boxes and boxes, and also expressed that Dongguan Jiamu would become its core supplier.

    Why did American customer identified with our products the first time they visited Jiamu Packing? The main reason is that the company has a certain strength, good service attitude, reliable quality products, high cost-effective cost advantage. The details are as follows:

First, the strength of the company

Dongguan Jiamu Packing Materials Co., Ltd. has been developing for 13 years since it was founded in 2003, and has accumulated rich experience in plastic packaging manufacturing. Whether packaging design, mold development, or product molding, Jiamu Packing is meticulous and excellence in each link.

Second, service attitude

We have our own customer service team: our professional service staff can provide pre-sale consulting and after-sales service to global buyers. This point makes our Korean customer friend feel very satisfied.

Third, product quality

The quality of the Jiamu Packing: We have stable suppliers which can provide us superior quality PET/PVC/PS/PP/PLA materials. In addition, the company has a special quality inspection personnel.

Fourth, Price advantage

   We own a big factory with three large machines, so high degree of mechanization can be true in Jiamu Packing, thus reducing the cost of production. At the same time, there is no third party to earn the difference, so it is the factory price. Jiamu Packing has its own warehouse, which can help customers save excess storage costs.

    These advantages are very satisfactory to American customers and look forward to a longer and better relationship with us.

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