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2016 Packaging fair in HK

    Asia Fruit Logistica closes successfully at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on September 7, 2016. As a salesman of Dongguan Jiamu Packing Materials Co., Ltd, we are glad that the company gave us the opportunity to attend the exhibition and study. At the same time, Jiamu Packing showed some solutions that provided for the packaging industry, strengthens the existing cooperative relationship, also excavates a large number of potential customers.

    Numerous enterprises supplying fruit & vegetable gathered in this exhibition platform. How to ensure that fruit & vegetable in transit to avoid unnecessary damage, how to maintain the freshness of the supermarket boxed fruit and how to make the products look more attractive all are the basic problems that need to be considered in our packaging industry. These problems are also each salesman in Jiamu Packing has to think deeply about. Jiamu Packing has insight into the current situation of the international plastic packaging market and would like to take this opportunity to show the global packaging solutions unique of Jiamu Packing.

    At the exhibition, Emily and Helen greet our clients and entertain them warmly. After studying the information about their products, we send our catalogue and take a photo with our guests. Customers also asked us for company information, such as product materials, production capabilities and production equipment. products and factory certification is the most concerned points by european customers. Jiamu Packing is engaged in plastic packaging industry for nearly 15 years, we do a good job in product & factory quality inspection. So after we showed the certificate to the customers, several of them expressed their desire to know more about it.

    In a roster of about 2000 exhibitors, we had collected a number of business cards that we may work with in the future. The enthusiastic staff in Jiamu Packing patiently communicated with exhibitors, and brought back three important clients.

    Through this exhibition, Jiamu packaging opened up the horizon, deepened the use of the company's products, applications and other aspects of understanding, will be able to better serve customers in the future!

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