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2016 Pack Expo In USA

   Fresh summit Conference & Expo which hold on October 18th in the United States was a long-awaited event for Jiamu Packing. This activity as for Jiamu Packing has great significance to knowabout the packaging needs in world packaging industry. This time fresh summit conference & expo lasted two days, but it's also good enough for Jiamu Packing to win customers.

    PMA Fresh Summit Conference & Expo is a world-class exhibition in the United States. It mainly shows all kinds of fruits and vegetables of the Americas. There are other exhibitors who come from around the world, such as European food packaging machinery manufacturers, packaging suppliers in Australia and so on. Here, we had tasted the unique food, and appreciate various kind of new design package. This reminds us that our understanding of packaging industry is far from enough, which also reminds us to work harder to learn professional knowledge.

    At the Fresh summit Conference & Expor, We made a small order worth $450 with an American customer. Then what we negotiated with was that the mould must made in three days, and then the finished product of the proofing was sent to him. If satisfying, he will try a order, almost 5,000 tinplate cylinders, worth about 10,000 yuan.

    Jiamu Packing keeps its promise and sent the sample in two days. Looking forward to the customer's response.

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