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2017 Germany Pack fair

The annua FRUIT LOGISTICA is sponsored by Berlin Exhibition Company, Germany. FRUIT LOGISTICA is the most professional fruit & vegetable exhibition in Europe, and it is also the largest professional fruit & vegetable exhibition in the world at present. Because covering all aspects of the whole fruit & vegetable industry from production to service, it provides an excellent platform for these professionals who are engaged in the fruit & vegetable trade to display their products and technology. And it also supplys a wonderful opportunity for these enterprises who work in transport logistics to display their service and the image of their company.

Compact schedule, highly targeted buyers, maximum effectiveness benefits all are the characteristics of German Berlin FRUIT LOGISTICA. FRUIT LOGISTICA helps exhibitors have a quickly connect with the world's fastest-growing market--the European market. It also allows exhibitors to bring their products to face with professional international buyers from these regions. Berlin fruit and vegetable exhibition in Germany is one of the most important channels and ways to negotiate fruit and vegetable market in the world. FRUIT LOGISTICA is one of the most important channels for global traders to negotiate fruit and vegetable market.

In 2017, Jiamu Packing went to Berlin, Germany to participate in the exhibition. Through this exhibition, we feel that Europe's food packaging culture is completely different from that of Asia. In Europe, packaging accounts for a large proportion of the invisible value of goods. It helps consumers quickly identify which company or brand. Every film buyer can immediately identify the well-known yellow-packed Kodak film. Therefore, we also realize that we should help our customers, with excellent packaging to build the brand. Packaging is not just about protecting the goods from harm, it's about keeping our bags in mind. Pack, remember our products and company. We have learned a lot from our customers on this trip to Germany, and in the coming year, Jiamu Packaging will move towards brand packaging. Seeing the logo of Jiamu, we know how good this product is. This is the goal of our Dongguan Jiamu Packaging material Co., Ltd.

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