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Jiamu Packing attended 2017 USA PMA Fresh Summit Conference & expo

    The annual PMA Fresh Summit Conference & expo in the United States has been held again. Jiamu Packing has been attended in past years, and this year is no exception. Our company arranged for two experienced sales to attend the exhibition this year. The chairman of Jiamu Packing and Mrs. Chairman also went to the exhibition too. This time, our main brought product is PET fruit clamshell box, which is based on the advice of our customers. Before setting out, we did an electronic questionnaire with the words "which product do you want to see most at the exhibition". Then according to the data collected to decide which types plastic packaging we should give priority. Jiamu Packing not only produces plastic packaging, we will recommend the appropriate packaging for our customers with analysising practical consideration. Packaging itself is soulless, only the packaging with our idea, will have the soul.

    There was an endless stream of people at the exhibition. We took every guest who enters our booth seriously. Jack was a guest of our exhibition. He is an overseas Chinese living in Los Angeles, USA. We sent Jack an e-invitation this time, and he was happy to receive it. We take out the new tamper resistant fruit clamshell packaging in advance and leave it to Jack to see if he's satisfied. This kind of tamper resistant plastic fruit clamshell box, it has gone through two months before and after. Its changes range from size, thickness to style, tamper resistant design. This was our latest sample, but Jack said he wants our fruit box to be a little more transparent, And then he wanted us to help design a label that would be attached to the fruit clamshell container and expressed the hope that it would be completed by November. Any reasonable request of you can be satisfied at Jiamu Packing, and we have patience to serve our customers.

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