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A visit about our cute America customer with Jiamu Packing in 2018

        In September 2018, our old friend, Matt, suddenly said to come to Guangdong, and want to visit our company, which maked us very happy. Matt is our good partner, we have a variety of big and small cooperation every year, mainly about the plastic packaging of food, like our 12 cupcake boxes, plastic triangle sandwiches clamshell packaging, and a variety of other baking plastic packaging. We have been working together since 2016, and it has been two years since 2018. Thanks very much for Matt's choice of Jiamu Packing. In daily time, Matt also talks to us about some Chinese cuisine, saying that he would like to have a chance to come to China to have a taste of authentic Guangdong cuisine. So this time I decided to take Matt to have a good meal. Guangdong has a lot of delicious food, morning tea is especially famous, so we chose the morning tea with Guangdong characteristics. When we had morning tea, Matt said, "Seeing so many delicacies, I seem to have a new idea. Maybe I can develop a kind of pastry-like food in my company. I think the American people will like it very much." I think it's a good idea, too, and suggested that Matt went to our company to discuss this project. So after breakfast, we came to the office of Jiamu packing with our designer discussed the matter together. Food is borderless, and so is my friendship with Matt. Matt said, he wants to push it out before Christmas, so I hope Jiamu Packing can offer some advice on the packaging, and it is best to ship the packaging to his factory by mid-December. Hope that Matt's business is getting better and better, and that Jiamu Packing will provide Matt with more innovative ideas.

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