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What are the factors that affect the price of blister packaging?



Manufacturing Technology

Mould Making and Processing: 

  • According to the requirements or sample specifications, the first step is to make a blister mold. Generally speaking, it uses gypsum to make blister packaging mold, but it also uses wood carving or metal carving products to make mold. After making the gypsum mold, we can let it be dried naturally. Then, according to the concrete situation of product surface, a lot of holes are drilled with 1-2 mm drill in the low concave that does not affect the product packaging pattern. If it's a box or something like that, you have to drill a few holes around the edges so that you can draw out the air when producing. After drilling the hole, the gypsum mould has to be hardened by dipping in concentrated alum saturated solution.

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  • Afterhe mould is completely drying, it will be putted upper iron plate of the vacuum chamber. Then, according to the size of the mould, the plastic sheet is carried into the appropriate size. Afterwards, Plastic sheet is placed in the heating wood cabinet to make it completely fixed. After that, the wooden cabinet together with plastic sheets are placed on the thermostat furnace for softening treatment.

  • Place the softened plastic sheets with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber. We open the suction switch to clean up the air in the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheets are cooled, you’ll get the same concave packaging or as the mold

  • Trimming the finished plastic blister products, and then packed in carton for selling.

The Factor of price

Unit price of blister pack = material cost + energy consumption + labor and transportation + profit  

Energy consumption

Blister pack is processed by heating, which consumes more energy than other industries, It's roughly 8% of materials cost.

Labour cost

Blister pack mainly depends on machine producing. It is about 10% of product material cost

Transportation cost

It depends on the distance between the customer and the factory.


the pure profit of blister packaging factory is generally very low, about 12% - 20%, 

Cost of raw material

On the basis of the use of the product to determine the material type and the grade of raw material. Then we’ll find thesuitable supplier.

Thickness of film: we can pre-exegesis the thickness of the film that depends on the thickness and shape of the formed-parts.

Typesetting number

According to the size and shape of the product, we can calculate how many blister pack can be arranged in the first edition. Why should we deign the layout? Because the  intenser layout will reduce the quality of the product, sparser layout will increase the material loss to result in higher costs.

The density will reduce the quality of the product, the thinning will increase the loss of material and the cost will rise.

Material wastage rate 

the main factorsproduct shape, quantity and the suitability degree of size with the suction machine chassis.The more square the shape is, the greater the yield is, and the  loss rate is smaller too.

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