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Public Welfare Activities--Caring for Students


Jiamu-Caring For Students Public Welfare Activities - Jiamu Plastic Packaging Boxes

where there we needed, Where there we are!

    In November 20, 2018, Yueyang Chang Kang Primary School was officially completed.  

  After more than 3 months of day and night striving, 83 volunteers of LP58 finally fulfilled their wish-to rebuild Yueyang Changkang Primary School. LP58 is a charity team from Dongguan, China. In recent months, we have gone to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, even Hunan, Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai and other places to launch crowdfunding to fulfill the dreams of these children in poor areas of China. The dream is also each member’s of LP58.

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   As one of the sponsors of the cause, Jiamu Packaging, from Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, has been doing its best to create a better learning environment for this group of students in need of help in Hunan Province. It is our greatest comfort to see the smiling faces on the children's faces. Jiamu Packing has been learning from people who have devoted themselves to charity, such as David Beckham. Beckham and Victoria have been performing their duties as UNICEF ambassadors for years. David and his family went into poor tribes and had a deep interaction with local children. Meanwhile, this former soccer stars donated a school to the area by the name of their daughter--Harper Sevan Beckham. Harper was surrounded by children for an angel in a white dress, and Harper Elementary School was already under construction because of the money it received. When we have a family with children, think about it, if the donor is us, then we can feel compassion more. How much hope good deeds bring us. 

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    Because of our active, our unity, and our enthusiasm, we were able to complete this great project in a short time. From the start of the fundraising, we mobilized every loving person around us to support our public welfare, to raise enough money in just a few months to provide financial support for our activities. On the construction site, each builder is actively engaged, day and night rush to work. In order to save time, Jiamu packing prepared the high-quality food grade plastic lunch boxes that produced by our factory in advance. We packed the meal in the takeout lunch box and took our meal until the break time was coming. After eating, our meal box also did not throw away immediately. Put some detergent, and take water to flush again, we still can use them again in the afternoon. It is very convenient. Thanks to each friend who trusts us, it is you who make impossible be possible. 

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    Jiamu Packaging's enthusiasm for social welfare activities is not only a continuation of China traditional virtue, but also a proof of the good spirit with action: get from the society, return to the society. The good spirit has always been with each member in Jiamu Packing.

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