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The main materials of blister packaging in Jiamu packaging are PVC and PET. PVC is mainly used for packing some products which already have outer packaging and most non “in-mouth” goods. Our PET made daily necessities blister packaging can be used in all kinds of daily products. The surface of blister packaging can be directly contacted with the surface of the commodity. Jiamu packaging’s daily necessities blister packaging is mainly used in supermarkets and department stores for displaying & selling. At present, there are mainly blister packaging for toothbrush, signature pen, scissors, batteries, candles, spoon knife and fork and so on. Ready-made daily necessities blister packaging have stored in our warehouse. Sure customized blister packaging are welcomed on the premise of the customer providing detailed information. The most important thing is that we can also help design the outer blister packaging for our customers. If you have any requirements on daily necessities blister packaging, please contact us for solving.

Products in this category are being continuously updated. Our team will also work hard to develop new products to bring you a variety of innovative design. Some Jiamu Packing style printing paper cards or printing blister packaging will also be made later.

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