Jiamu Packing’s food blister packaging is used of food grade PET, which is 100% safe. This kind of material can be reused to help them recycled easily.  Food blister packaging is widely used in fresh fruits & vegetables, fresh meat, birthday cakes, desserts, etc. The surface of PET material is smooth and luster, friction resistance. It has the greatest toughness in thermoplasticity material area. PET has good stability against chemicals, low water absorption, weak acid resistance and organic solvents. Therefore, our food clamshell packaging made of PET material has a smooth surface, high transparency and beautiful appearance. Food grade materials, so they have direct access to food without fear of contamination. Fancy product shaping and low temperature resistancing, it is easy for raw eggs & meat cold storaging. Clamshell packaging secures product(s) between two hinged sheets of thermoformed plastic. The most two common forms of our food clamshell packaging is blister tray and clamshell blister. In supermarket, the most commonly used fresh fruit blister packaging is transparent clamshell blister packaging with small holes for breathing to keep food fresh.

Most of the clamshell packaging products that you see here are fully transparent food blister packaging. Some of them are designed by our company; some of them are unprinted products which designed according to our customer requirements. You can do a general understanding about food blister packaging concept through our showed blister packaging.

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