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Frequently quality asked questions


What's the crystal point?

The crystal point is a point on the blister packaging material, which will seriously affect the appearance of the blister packaging. Why this problem occurs? It is because that some sundries mixed in the material when the sheet material is produced, then the problem exists.

How to solve the problem?

To solve the problem of crystal point, the most important way is to inspect the plastic sheet before producing blister packaging.


How does uneven thickness occur?

The most common causes of thickness inhomogeneity are these points: grounding, sheets, temperature, etc. It is very important to adjust the position of pressure-blister packaging products. If there is dislocation or unreasonable placement, the thickness will be uneven.

What is related to the sheet is that the thickness of the sheet is not adjusted properly during the production process, which leads to such quality problems. The adjustment of temperature also has a direct relation, and we should adjust the corresponding temperature according to the different materials and mould, otherwise it will appear the phenomenon of thickness inhomogeneity.

How to solve this problem?

The solution is to pay attention to the shelf position adjustment, negotiation of suppliers in the case of sheet materials, suitable temperature for sheet and mould.


How does a scratch quality problem occur?

Scratch is the quality problem on the surface of blister packaging after the plastic product is produced. In the process of production, there are many manual processes which are prone to collision and friction. Therefore it is the most critical link to sstandard operationthe the punching machine operator and packing persons.

How to solve this problem?

 The solution is to handle the products lightly and carefully, to keep the worktable clean and hygienic, to wear gloves and other related matters, and to effectively prevent the situation of scrapping. There are many manual processes inblister packaging, so we must pay close attention to each link in order to avoid the generation of defective products.

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