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How to Choose An Appropriate Mould



Types of Blister Packaging Mould 

There are three kinds of moulds used in the production of blister packaging: gypsum mould, electroplated copper mould and aluminum mould.

Gypsum mould

We carve the gypsum in a semi-wet state and then dry it into a mould. Gypsum mould is low in cost and easy to modify, but its precision is not high enough. The surface of gypsum mould is not smooth and durable but fragile. Therefore, it is often used for making sample, inner mould of electroplating copper moulds or some blister mould that is used to produce small order with undemanding requirements.

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Electroplating copper mould

Plating a copper shell onto a gypsum mould is called an electroplated copper mould. The cost of electroplated copper mould is higher than that of gypsum mould, but much cheaper than aluminum mould. Because of its advantages of smooth & durable surface and low cost, electroplated copper mould is one of the most commonly used blister-packaging-made molds.

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Aluminum mould

Made from aluminum ingots through machinery (lathe, milling machine, CNC, etc.). Aluminum mould is high precision, smooth surface and durable, but the price is very expensive. Aluminum moulds are generally used in blister packaging with higher precision requirements which copper moulds cant achieve.

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