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Jiamu Packing presented in 2018-PMA


International Special Report about Fruit & Vegetable: Fresh Retail Trend and Products Presented in PMA

In the global leadship fresh fruit & vegetable industry trade fair, PMA aims to position itself as a platform to showcase the latest trends in its industry. Here, companies can inspire each other by innovate products under the influence of popular trends. Especiall the Fresh Creativity Showcase Exhibition, it not only allows exhibitors to express their most proud of product, but also provides participants with chance to contact with many new ideas and revelations.

The PMA Fruit & Vegetable Exhibition, held in Orlando, Fla., from October 18 to 20, 2018. The International Fruit & Vegetable News Agency is once again present at the scene. We speak with the leader in the fresh agricultural industry to estimate the trend of prevalence and to discover the latest products. By convention, we paid special attention to the Fresh Creativity Showcase Exhibition.

The following are the trend of fresh agricultural products in 2018 summarized by the International Fruit & Vegetable News Agency, and examples that emerged as a result of this trend.

1. A sustained great mass fervour in Miniature Fresh agricultural products

There are many possible factors to explain why mini fruits and vegetables are so popular in the United States. Obviously, being able to eat as snacks and convenience is a major factor. Snack character is often highlighted on the packaging of miniature agricultural products. In addition, Miniature agricultural products also gives a visual of refreshing feeling. They get the attention of Instagram and other social mediarely users by right of small and lovely appearance. Now, Solitary rate in America is coming to reach a new record, smaller volumes of fruit and vegetables can help single people control how much food they buy and avoid waste. 

Rockit is a kind of club apple breed that firstly entered commercial mass production in New Zealand, expanding the market with a bright name-- the world's smallest apple. It has achieved great success in the Asian market. At present, Chelan fresh food co., Ltd. already can produce Rockit apple commercially in the United States.

At this year's Fresh Summit, We noted that many companies have launched mini-potato, which are sold with the selling point of convenience, such as potatoes that have been pre-seasoned can be puted directly into the microwave to heat.

A variety of little tomatoes putted on display at the 2018 Fresh Summit. Tomz Tomberry, the mini tomatoes which produced by NatureFresh Farms, known in the world by the name -- the smallest tomato in the world (the breed was authorized by Eminent Seeds, the Dutch breeder ).

We also noticed the Sprinkles "mini grape" tomato from the Sunset of Mastronardi Agricultural products Company, the cucumber from Mucci Farms, Yummy peppers from J & J Family of Farms and mini snacks from Pure Flavor.

2. Fresh agricultural products are becoming more and more colorful

Colorful and novel appearance can make agricultural products be more attractive on the shelf. In recent years, polychromatic tomatoes are especially popular in supermarkets. Various tomato breeds in green, orange and purple were displayed at this year's summit, Rex Swan is a good example. People also love the combination of pink lemons from Limoneira and colorful carrots from Southern Selects.

3. More and more made-up products are beginning to focus on being eaten as snacks and convenience

Modern people are very busy in life, they need ready-to-eat products. Suppliers are constantly trying to get their products into or close to fresh areas where consumers can save time and effort. Vingoo, a Chinese company, showed off its widely used automatic orange juice extractor. The machine, which sells fresh orange juice, saves labor costs and allows consumers to see the process of making orange juice.

As another response to the trend towards convenience and being snacks, we note that at this year's summit, more and more fruit and vegetable products are combined into one packaging.

4. Choosing fresh herbs for chasing freshness

The proportion of consumers buying herbs for cooking is above average, So for fruit & vegetable operator, this kind of product is very important. Living spices have been around for some time, and their kinds is becoming more and more popular. What attracts our attention is a root-packed live spices that are both fresh and convenient.

5. Packaging: sealed top , stacked easily, made from sustainable materials

As more and more agricultural products are packaged before they are sold, the fruit & vegetable industry is constantly looking for ways to make packaging be more creative and sustainable. The sealed top design packaging is very popular. Similarly, packaging that is easily stacked in refrigerators is popular with consumers.

Dongguan Jiamu Packaging Co., Ltd is one of eco-friendly materials and packagingthe suppliers which comes from China. It provids a variety of biodegradable packaging for fruit & vegetable companies.