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Jiamu Packing Plastic Blister Cake Box



In the twelfth century, the wall of Ramsay III’ tomb were painted with roasted snacks in the shape of circles, triangles, flowers, or animals. By the 7th to 8th centuries BC, Greece had a city-style state. In this country, dessert as known as Dorian was made of dried raisins, wrapped in fig leaves appeared, which are thought to be the origin of today's raisin pudding. Besides, There are also honey pastries, rapeseed pastries or fried pastries, even birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and so on.



Sugar began to be used in Europe around the 10th century. During the Crusades, Italian cities began making snacks with sugar, such as marche-based bread made from peanuts and sugar, or sweets sprinkled with spices and sugar. Moreover, in 13th century, pie shops in France invented cream fruit pies wrapped in almonds, and since then they have been called pastry shops.




The benefits of dessert

1. Since ancient times, Chinese people pay attention to health, health care, nourishing the way of diet. Especially for female, they enjoy a cup of dessert, a bowl of sweet soup. These desserts do not contain caffeine, no artificial colors, no edible flavor, etc. Make you healthy and beautiful.

2. In the hot summer, the heat engulfs every corner of the city. People walking on the streets is usually thinking of finding a store to drink a cold drink that makes they feel better. Balancing the heat of your body, it should be a wonderful enjoyment. And eating a little dessert will make you feel happy and relaxed.

3. In winter, hot food nourishes desserts, hand-ground pastes, milk stews, selected milk desserts, and so on that make people who like sweet food in the cold winter can taste delicious desserts.



With the development of globalization, desserts are well known and loved by people all over the world. Class parties, birthday parties, Christmas and other festival, people will buy cakes for celebrating in these important day. Usually commute, weekend, after-meal, people also will buy a small cake to satisfy themselvies during this time. Go shopping, you can take a break for a cup of coffee and go with a piece of cake. When you go home and pack a small piece for your family.



Time is very precious. In order to save time, contemporary people often use cake boxes to pack desserts and eat breakfast as they rush to work. If you don't finish it in time, storing it in a cake box and putting in a refrigerator. when you're off duty, it is able to eat.

Jiamu packaging produces various types of plastic cake box. We can also design plastic cake box according to our customers’ requirements of the unique shape of the cake box which can be used to pack family DIY dessert. Our cake boxes are made of high-quality food-grade raw materials, which are recyclable, healthy and eco-friendly.

Name: Jiamu Packing food grade plastic blister cake box  

Daily output: 10000 units.

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third-party quality inspection

They are affordable, quality assurance

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