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Why choose Jiamu Packing eco-friendly plastic meal box


Jiamu-News About Jm Eco-friendly Plastic Meal Box

The history of disposable meal box has transformed from using foam to biodegradable material. The foam disposable meal box was eliminated because it doesn’t resistant to high temperature and difficult to degrade, replaced by plastic meal box, paper meal box, wooden meal box, degradable meal box and so on. Among them, plastic has the characteristics of lower toxicity, higher melting point, stronger plasticity, simpler technology and lower cost, so it has become the mainstream material in the manufacture of disposable fast food box.

Eco-friendly meal boxes are mainly made of plastic, paper, starch and rare metals.

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Made of paper

To prevent oil or water seepage, the surface of paper meal box should be laminated or applied with Chemical auxiliaries. It is non-toxic to human in the process and use. However, the quality requirement of cardboard is strict, so the cost is also increased.

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Made of starch

The fast meal box is made from plants’ starch by mixing and kneading with dietary fiber and other edible auxiliaries. They can be used under the temperature range from -10 degrees to 120 degrees, so it is especially suitable for filling hot food, heating in the microwave oven, and also storing food in refrigerator.

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Made of pulp

Adding a suitable amount of non-toxic chemical auxiliaries into chopped and purified annual herbaceous fiber pulp (such as wood pulp or Reed, bagasse, wheat straw, straw and so on.). Then through molding, drying, finishing, shaping, trimming, disinfection and other processes, a meal box is finished. In the process of production, a large amount of waste water will be produced.

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Made of fiber

On the point of environmental protection, the fiber meal box has obvious advantages. It is made of straw, rice husk, bagasse and other plant fiber which are agricultural wastes. In this way, we can realize the utilization of wastes in agriculture and contribute to comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources.

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Biodegradable plastic meal box

In the process of biodegradable plastic, we add a certain amount of additive, such as photosensitizer, starch, to make sure used plastic meal boxes can break down to pieces in nature for several months. 

Jiamu Packing provides disposable plastic meal box, including ordinary food grade plastic meal box and degradable plastic meal box.

Disposable plastic meal box is mainly made from polypropylene and polystyrene. Both of PP and PS is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless. our ordinary plastic meal box is made of polypropylene. Meal box made of this kind of material is suitable for food packaging, because of its good mechanical and thermal function. The general using temperature range of PP is from -6 degrees to 120 degrees, so it is especially suitable for holding hot food. This meal box can be heated in microwave oven and even in steam cabinet. The using temperature range of modified PP can be controlled from -18 to 110 . Besides heating to 100 , the PP meal box can be used in refrigerator.

In addition, we also produce biodegradable disposable plastic meal box. Jiamu Packing has stable material supplier, if you need, we can immediately start producting, the daily production capacity is 10000 sets every day. Our disposable meal box can be biological decomposed in the nature, it is very eco-friendly.

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