The “one-stop service” is essentially the integration and integration of services. It is a new concept of modern marketing, which is different from traditional sales system sales service. One-stop service not only provides product sales, but also provides related technical services, maintenance services, use training services, financial insurance services and other services. The aim of “one-stop service” is to expand sales area and value of services. Jiamu Packing offers A to Z one-stop OEM packaging services, along with your to be packed item in hand or style draft or elaborate word need, we'll counsel and assist you to settle on the foremost appropriate materials, to do the optimum package form designs so decide, to adopt best machine for your product printing. From product concept to product design, from product development to product quality testing, from large-scale goods production to transportation, you can feel these real existence services in Jiamu Packing. Our business team has a keen market insight. Most of the salesmen are engaged in the plastic  packaging industry for more than three years. They are also led by business manager who has been engaged in the plastic packaging industry for more than 7 years. They can provide targeted opinions on analyzing market data & material properties & the direction of the plastic packaging industry & so on to assist your market development. We also have a team of dedicated designers who are proficient in PS, AI, Maya, 3dMax and more. Jiamu Packing has been engaged in plastic packaging industry since 2003, the production team has rich experience. Our production machinery and production technology has been keeping pace with the world. We also have our own warehouse, our own logistics partner, so don't worry about your shipping date. At the same time, we also have a dedicated after-sales service team. We work online all day, and we can consult any questions. Remember: Jiamu Packing is not only produces plastic packaging, but also provides our customers with online packaging solutions.


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