PET materials are popular for plenty of reasons, not the least of which is their clarity-remember, this is a plastic that you use when you intend to show off your product. If you don't necessarily need something transparent, but you require something strong and resilient, CPET could be exactly what you're looking for.

CPET stands for crystallizable PET. Normally, crystallizing is the opposite of what you want with PET plastics—it robs the material of its translucency. But with CPET, crystallizing is exactly what you want. When we produce CPET at PI, we do it for products like food trays that need to resist the high heat of an oven or microwave. CPET is the type of plastic you see in TV dinner trays or mobile food services, because it can take the heat.


CPET Material Feature

CPET (Crystalline Polyethylene Terephthalate) is used primarily for packing ready meals. Production is based on the esterification reaction between ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid and is partially crystallised, making it unclear. As a consequence of the partially crystalline structure, CPET retains its shape at high temperatures and is therefore suitable for use with products that are to be heated in ovens and microwave ovens. Standard for almost all CPET products is an APET top layer, which has particularly good sealing properties and gives the products an attractive, lustrous appearance. The precision control of the material's crystallinity means that the product can be used within a temperature range of –40°C to +220°C. This meets the needs of consumers, who require good impact resistance at low temperatures and shape retention at high temperatures. CPET also forms a highly effective barrier against oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.


Advanced Features

1. CPET is for Eco-friendly material in high temperature food trays.

2. used in Microwave, oven and refrigerator.

3. CPET material is suitable for use for temperatures from -40°C up to 220°C.

4. Food packages from CPET are suitable for use in electric oven at 220°C and MICROWAVE OVEN and in a freezer up to -40°C.

5. CPET provides an excellent barrier against oxygen, water, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and therefore can be used in modified atmosphere packaging (MAP: Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

6. CPET is very good for packaging cooked meat, and can be used directly in frozen foods in ovens and microwaves. CPET trays can be placed in all types of oven straight from the freezer.




CPET is idea for packaging a wide variety of food products from frozen and refrigerator to pre-cooked and fresh. After being crystallized, CPET can withstand temperatures from -40°C all the way up to 400°C. This makes it ideal for processor and food service oven-ready and microwave usage, especially for freezer-to-oven and freezer-to-microwave product applications. Portage recommends CPET for use in barrier, frozen, and re-heated foods.

CPET high temperature resistant dining box, can be heated in microwave oven or oven, high temperature 220 °C, low temperature 40 ℃. The oxygen permeability is only 5 cm3/ (m2.24h.0.1MPa), and has good fresh-keeping function.

CPET tray has obtained the certificates of national and municipal high-tech enterprises, and has been tested by the FDA, EU of the United States and the National Food Health and Quarantine Center of Japan, etc. No harmful gases or substances are released during the heating process. Suitable for ready-to-eat, baking, convenient meal, high-speed meal, cruise meal, air meal and so on.

suitable for hot-filling or pasteurisation;

excellent resistance to aggressive chemical agents, to organic and inorganic substances (including oil, fat, etc…) and an excellent physiological behaviour (odourless, flavourless);

high elasticity which make them safe from breakage during handling and transport;

high barrier to food grade gases;

suitable for reheating in microwave ovens or traditional ovens up to +180° C for 30 minutes;

suitable for frozen food down to a minimum temperature of -40° C.

can go straight away from freezer to oven.

CPET Trays

5.1As a Kind of New Innovative Product

CPET trays are the most versatile option of the ready meal concept. They have been designed for convenient Grab – Heat – Eat situation. Meals can be kept frozen and heated when ready. They are suitable for a wide range of cuisines, food styles and applications.

The temperature range of these trays is -40°C to +220°C which allows for the product to be stored in a deep freeze and placed directly into a hot oven or microwave for cooking.

The CPET range has many advantages and features that make it superior to other materials, namely;
• Glossy attractive finish
• Good barrier properties
• Various sizes and shapes
• Good sealing properties
• Leak proof seal
• Vast range of temperatures
• Recyclable
• Easy peel and anti-fog

Pac Food offers various sizes and shapes of trays including the lidding film (also recyclable) for the whole CPET range.


5.2Perfect for Ready Meals

CPET trays are widely used in Airline catering.

CPET trays are a perfect solution for Foodservice. The trays can be pre-prepared days earlier and in a larger quantities, sealed for freshness and stored fresh or frozen, then simply heated or cooked and placed directly into the Bain Marie for service.

Another application for which the trays are used in Meals on Wheels services – where the food is divided into the tray’s compartments, packaged, delivered to the consumer who then heats up the meal in the oven or microwave. CPET trays are also used Hospital Meal Service as they provide an easy solution for the elderly or unwell consumer. The trays are easy to handle, there is no preparation or washing up needed.

CPET Food trays are ideal for Meal Programs for weight control and special dietary requirements. Portion control is very important in the provision of meals for weight loss and special diets. The customer simply heats and eats, knowing that their exact requirements have been catered for.

CPET trays are highly beneficial for central kitchens that prepare individual or bulk meals for multiple sites. Once the meals are frozen, they are then easily distributed to other locations or end customers. Local kitchen staff then easily heat and serve the meals directly to consumers or provide them with individual meal servings, ensuring optimised production in the central kitchen and lower staff requirements at the point of use.

CPET trays are also used for bakery products such as desserts, cakes or pastry. These items can be unpacked and finished off in the oven or microwave.


5.3CPET Meal Trays are The Perfect Food Packaging
- Prepared foods, ready to eat meals takeaway meals
- Frozen food
- Fresh food
- Kosher meals (We carry the high temperature bag for these trays to be used in a non Kosher oven)
- Hot food
- Cold food


六The CPET Challenge

Just like any other type of plastic, though, you need trained hands to create and thermoform CPET. You have to add a nucleating agent and heat it to the point of crystallization, and once it's crystallized to the point you want, you use a cold mold to stop the process. Too little crystallization, and your plastic will melt in the microwave. Too much, and it'll shatter on impact.

Of course, smashing your crystallized plastic against the countertop isn't a particularly effective way of testing its strengthnot to mention all the sweeping you would have to do afterward. Instead, we use a density scale. The more crystallization, the denser the plastic.



Foods can be top sealed for freshness or vacuum tray sealed in a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) for a longer shelf life.
They can also be used for the packaging of pharmaceutical instrument kits.

Crystallized polyethylene terephthalate (CPET) is a variation of standard PET which has been crystallized for heat resistance, rigidity, and toughness. CPET is a translucent or opaque material which can be manufactured in a range of colors to meet your merchandising needs. As with other PET materials, CPET is #1 recyclable, and its properties make it ideal for a range of demanding food and beverage packaging applications.


1, 2 and 3 compartment CPET trays are ideal for takeaway packaging and ready meal packaging. Reheating is easily done in a microwave or conventional oven for foods that are fresh, frozen or prepared. Food packaging containers, whether they are CPET trays or APET trays, can be easily sealed on either our manual tray sealers, automatic tray sealers, skin packaging machines or MAP packaging machines.
The tray sealing works to prolong the shelf life of food, all while giving your product a great presentation. Working as disposable food containers, these plastic food trays and 100% recyclable. Also important to note, 70% of their material comes from previously recycled plastic water bottles. 


八Is CPET Right For You?

Because it withstands such high temperatures—as much as 375 degrees Fahrenheit—CPET is the plastic of choice for hot food packaging and kitchen tools like cupcake pans and cake molds. Stronger in high temperatures than PET but a better value than other heat-resistant materials like metal, CPET is always popular with manufacturers that want an attractive, versatile and durable alternative.



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