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Some terms and nouns in blister packaging industry


Vacuum thermoforming: It is a kind of plastic processing technology. The main principle of it is heating the flat plastic hard sheets, then we use vacuum blister on the surface of mould, finally cooling it to form. Blister technology is widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising, decoration and other industries.

Blister pack: It means plastic packaging is produced by vacuum thermoforming technology and packaged with corresponding equipment. Blister packaging products include clamshelll, blister tray, blister folding box and so on. We can also call them vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc. Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: suction molding machine, punching machine, sealing machine, high-frequency machine and folding machine. 

Blister: the transparent plastic hard sheet is made into transparent packaging with special protruding shape by vacuum thermoforming technology, which covers the product surface and plays the role of protecting and beautifying the product.

Blister tray: It is also called plastic inner bracket. We make plastic hard sheet into special groove blister packaging by vacuum thermoforming technology. Then place the product into the groove of blister packagingto protect and beautify the product.

Flocking inner tray: It is a kind of blister tray made with special material. We glue a layer of velvet material on the blister tray to get a soft touch and then improve the grade of blister tray. 

Blister mould: The mould is used for processing blister packaging. The cost ranges from gypsum mould to electroplated copper mould then to aluminum mould. 

Blister forming: It is a kind of process in blister packaging made. Workers heat the flat plastic hard sheets to soft, then they use vacuum blister on the surface of mould, finally  it  will cool to form.

Die cutting: The primary packaging through vacuum thermoforming is placed in one whole plastic sheet, so we need die them in one to one with die mould.

Edge folding: This technology is used in blister card packaging. We need fold back three edges of a blister packaging so that in next process, we insert the card into folding edge to form a blister card packaging. 

Thermal sealing: We combine the paper card which is coated with blister oil with blister packaging by the sealing machine to form blister card packaging.

Ultrasonic sealing: It uses the ultrasonic machine to produce the ultrasonic wave which can bind blister packaging and blister packaging together to form clamshell packaging. Ultrasonic can not only seal the PVC, PETG material, but also seal the PET material, and there is no electromagnetic damage to the packaged products, so it is especially suitable for the packaging of electronic products; The disadvantage of ultrasonic sealing is that the sealing edge which adopts ultrasonic sealing technology can only form spaced dot on the edge, and usually only seal one straight edge at a time.

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